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For those who are looking to enhance their smile, Dr. Armine Nazarian is happy to offer teeth whitening in Beverly Hills. The teeth whitening services from our Beverly Hills dental office are designed to remove discoloring from years of stains that have built up on your teeth. Our take-home and chair-side teeth whitening treatments can give you back the fresh, white smile that you’ve been missing.  We provide several options for teeth whitening and will make recommendations on a case by case basis. 

Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills CA

Our teeth whitening in Beverly Hills is one of the easiest and most comfortable cosmetic procedures available, and the positive effect it can have on your smile is dramatic! Whether you choose our convenient take-home whitening kit, or visit our Beverly Hills dental office for chair-side whitening, your smile can be brightened up by to 8 shades in just one treatment. A whitened smile appears fresh and healthy and restores the natural beauty that was hidden beneath staining and discoloration. Less-than-white teeth are a common problem and can result from many lifestyle and diet choices, such as using tobacco products or drinking coffee, tea, or cola. Teeth can even become discolored from age or certain medications. Our skilled Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist has 20 years of experience helping restore her patients’ smiles through teeth whitening treatments.

What Kind of Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening Treatment is Best for Me?

We are proud to offer our patients options for the teeth whitening services that work with their schedules and personal preferences. For teeth whitening treatments in Beverly Hills, patients can choose from: 

Home Teeth Whitening Kits – If you prefer to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home, our custom take-home kits are the perfect choice. When you visit our office for your consultation, molds are taken of your teeth so that we can create whitening trays that are uniquely designed to fit your mouth. The active whitening ingredient is able to target deep discoloration within your tooth’s enamel, as well as surface stains. With our take-home kits, you can comfortably achieve a whiter smile while doing household chores or even relaxing in front of the television. 

Zoom In-Office Whitening 

 Zoom Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills

Our Beverly Hills dental practice uses Zoom!® for chair-side whitening treatment.  Zoom!® is a bleaching process that lightens the dentin and enamel of the teeth.  Zoom!® contains a hydrogen peroxide component (25%), which is the active ingredient in the gel.  When hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, the peroxide component breaks down into tiny oxygen bubbles.  It is these bubbles that eliminate yellowing and staining.

A mercury metal halide light is used to activate the gel and expedite the whitening process.  This specialized light contains a unique infrared filter that works to reduce the amount of heat (and therefore sensitivity) on the surface of the teeth during the procedure.  The internal structure of the teeth remains completely healthy and intact during and after the treatment.

As with any whitening system, the post-treatment results can vary according to the degree of staining and the condition of the teeth. A consultation with the dentist prior to treatment will provide information as to what kind of results Zoom!® can provide in specific instances.  Zoom!® is only applied to healthy teeth and gums.  If tooth decay or gum disease is an issue, these need to be controlled before the bleaching treatment is performed.

Teeth Whitening with a Dentist vs. Over-the-Counter – Treatments While many drugstore teeth whitening products are readily available and promise real results, few are able to deliver the powerful whitening that consumers are hoping for. You may waste hundreds of dollars and valuable time on rinses, toothpaste, and strips and never achieve your whitening goals. Our Beverly Hills teeth whitening treatments are designed to help restore your naturally white smile in as little as one hour. We offer the best teeth whitening products available to help improve your smile appeal. 

Schedule Your Affordable Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are you interested in having whiter teeth and a radiant smile? Now is the time to talk to Dr. Nazarian about a Beverly Hills teeth whitening solution that is best for you. Schedule your appointment today to discuss options with our dental team!

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