Glossary of applicable terms for Dr. Nazarian’s practice.

  • Abrasion: The wearing away of enamel on teeth. This may be caused by the friction of clasps or incorrect brushing of teeth.
  • Abutments: The attachments on the ends of a bridge, which are cemented to the natural teeth; a tooth used for support or anchorage of a fixed or removable prosthesis.
  • Amalgam: A metallic filling made by combining an alloy of silver, zinc, lead, and tin with mercury. It is silver in color.
  • Bleaching: A technique used to restore a discolored tooth to its natural color.
  • Bridge: An appliance used to replace a missing tooth or teeth and is attached to and supported by abutment teeth.
  • Bruxism: The grinding of teeth during sleep. This occurs in children and adults and it may lead to jaw problems and/or cracked tooth or teeth.
  • Composite: A white plastic filling material made up of resin and quartz crystals.
  • Crown: The part of the tooth above the gum line. A crown may also refer to a metal, plastic or porcelain cap that covers that part of the tooth above the gum line.◾Cuspid: Pointed tooth used to tear food. There are two upper and two lower cuspids. Also known as canines or eyeteeth.
  • Dentures: Any dental appliance used to replace missing natural teeth and the surrounding tissues.
  • Enamel: The hard surface covering the dentin portion of the crown of the tooth.
  • Endodontics (root canals): Dental specialty concerned with the treatment of diseases of the dental pulp (nerves, blood vessels, etc. within the tooth).
  • Extraction: The separation and surgical removal of a tooth from its surrounding tissues.
  • Filling: The material used to fill a cavity in a tooth. The filling substance may be gold, silver amalgam, copper amalgam, acrylic resins, porcelain or cement.
  • Fluoride: A chemical solution or gel which you place on your teeth. The fluoride helps prevent decay.
  • Immediate denture: A denture constructed for insertion immediately following removal of natural teeth.
  • Implants: A device made of metal or other foreign material which is surgically placed into or on the upper or lower bone to provide support for a crown, bridge, partial or full denture.
  • Impacted tooth: A tooth that has not erupted and is embedded in the jaw.
  • Jacket: A full crown constructed entirely of porcelain or plastic.
  • Onlay: Restoration that is extended to cover the entire incisal or occlusal surface of the tooth; often used to restore lost tooth structure and to increase the height of the tooth.
  • Partial denture: A prosthesis replacing one or more, but less than all of the natural teeth; may be removable or fixed.
  • Pedodontics: Dental specialty concerned with the prevention and treatment of dental disorders in children.
  • Planing (root): A scaling of the root surface to smooth the surface.
  • Plaque: A sticky substance composed of secretions containing bacteria, dead tissue cells, and debris. When this toxic substance accumulates on the teeth, it is considered to be an initiating factor in gingival inflammation.
  • Porcelain: A restorative material made of various types of fused (molten) glasses. Used to make teeth, facings, jackets, and dentures.
  • Preventive services: Dental procedures concerned with the prevention of dental diseases by protective and educational measures. May include examination, cleanings, X-rays and fluoride.
  • Recession: The gradual drawing away of tissue from its normal position, for example the recession of the gum away from the tooth.
  • Scale: To remove tartar and stains from the teeth with special dental instruments.
  • Sealant: A material applied to the chewing surface of a tooth to prevent decay.
  • Surgical extraction: The removal of a tooth by means of surgical methods
  • Veneer crown: A full crown, which has one or more surfaces, covered by tooth-colored plastic or porcelain.
  • X-ray: A form of radiation that produces a shadowy negative, which provides a means of diagnostic evaluation.


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