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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Your Career

Dec 22 • 5 minute read

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Your Career

Your smile defines who you are! The outward appearance of your teeth plays a vital role in how clients, colleagues, and customers respond to you. People with dental issues suffer on a consistent basis in their work environment.  Some individuals stay quiet because of their crooked teeth, whereas others lack self-confidence because of their appearance. These “dental flaws” ultimately influence a person’s career. Some individuals fear rising through the ranks in their work places because of dental problems. A cosmetic dentist can change how others behave towards you due to poor dental structure. This applies to all dentine cases, ranging from broken, stained, or crooked teeth. Employers and clients often assume the individual hasn’t made any effort to change their appearance. Dental problems sometimes result in people chasing away potential clients or losing opportunities during interviews. 

It is important to start by understanding the concept of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dental treatments are medical procedures used to rectify problems in the tooth structure or appearance. There are many remedies on the market that a person can choose to help create an attractive smile.  However, many of these products don’t generate the desired results. Additionally, many of these “quick fixes” fail to work.  A third downside is that many of these products take considerable time to deliver results. Here are some reasons why a person should consider cosmetic procedures to enhance their smile over some of these simpler products:

·    It delivers instant results! This is unlike most products on the market, which take substantial time for results to become visible.

·    It is cost effective when compared to products that require consistent use and deliver results over a long consumption period.

·    It is safe. All cosmetic treatment methods have been tested and proven safe. There are many dental products in the market that have negative side effects.

What types of cosmetic dental treatments should you consider?

·    Teeth whitening-This is actually the most common cosmetic dental treatment provided by dental professionals. Teeth whitening involves removing stains and other discoloration from your teeth. This procedure is not only easy and affordable, but it is also very safe. Teeth whitening treatments help you maintain a fresh and bright smile throughout your life.

·    Use of dental implants- Dental implants are utilized by those missing teeth.  It is frustrating for professional adults to be missing teeth.  The absence of your teeth certainly affects your appearance. Dental Implants enhance a person’s general appearance. Implants are natural and most individuals will have a hard time differentiating them from natural teeth. Dental implants are ideal for professional employees, as they prevent resorption on their jawbone.

·    Veneers- Does your career entail interacting with clients? If yes, dental veneers can play an important role in physically attracting clients. Veneers are used to enhance a person’s smile. They are primarily bonded on the surface of a person’s teeth. Dental veneers are often used to fill in gaps between teeth, cover dark stains, and reshape or resize teeth.

How does cosmetic dentistry improve your career?

This is among the most commonly asked questions by professionals in the work force. Professional employees are often judged on two things: their dress code and their dentine structure.  

With this in mind, cosmetic dental treatments can dramatically impact your career:

·    It improves your confidence- You cannot rise through the ranks in your career without confidence. There are many people who lose confidence when handling various tasks due to their dentine structure or appearance. This can result in losing key opportunities in their career. Confidence is the secret behind every successful person. It helps you secure a position after an interview. It also helps you look forward to another working day.  A cosmetic dentist can help restore your faith and enthusiasm. The physical appearance of a person can affect his/her self-confidence. Professionals with high confidence are likely to be elected leaders. Fortunately, you can easily restore your broken confidence through cosmetic dental procedures.

·    Improve your appearance- There are some careers which place an emphasis on a person’s appearance.  A cosmetic dentist can dramatically enhance your appearance. Studies have revealed clients love interacting with professionals that have an attractive smile. There are often cases where people qualify for an advertised position or employers shortlist people to hire, based on appearance. This can be very frustrating for individuals with dental problems. Our society tends to judge a person based on their outward look.  Enhancing your appearance can open up opportunities in your chosen career.

·    A person will appear trustworthy- As earlier stated, our society has a habit of judging a person based on his/her appearance. With this in mind, your employer will sometimes determine if you are trustworthy or not, based on the condition of your teeth. A cosmetic procedure can change this perception of you in the work force.

These are some of the most important reasons why professional employees should consider cosmetic dental procedures to rectify their dental problems.

How to Determine a Quality Cosmetic Dentist?

It is important to understand that some dental procedures fail to deliver the expected results because the patients select a poor quality cosmetic dental provider. This is one reason professional employees should carefully choose a cosmetic dental professional. The first step includes checking the qualification and experience of dentists from dental practices in your region.  A prospective patient should select an experienced dentist that has acquired enough skills and knowledge to handle delicate procedures. The next important step involves researching the technology a dental practice utilizes at their office. Modern, advanced technology makes it easier for dentists to provide high quality cosmetic dental treatments. As we all know, there are numerous dental providers to choose from when making this important decision. It is critical to check the reputation of the selected dental provider before proceeding with any transactions. There are some dental professionals with a bad reputation of neglecting patients during and after cosmetic dental procedures.

Sometimes, cosmetic procedures are expensive. This makes it difficult for some professionals to afford their desired procedures. With this in mind, it is important to select dental insurance companies that cover cosmetic procedures. This can be cost effective in the long run, if a person intends to have more than one procedure.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to limit your career aspirations. Dr. Armine Nazarian is a leading cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, providing all types of cosmetic dental treatments.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and start shaping your future!

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